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Rouhi Fidak

Mesut Kurtis


روحي فداك
I'd Sacrifice My Soul for You 

نامت أعيني يوما
One day in my sleep

نامت والحنين نما
In my slumber longing grew

راحت تحتويني
I was enveloped by

رؤياك يا رسول الله
Your vision, O Messenger of God!

 أحمد يا نور الهدى
Ahmed (the Most Praised), O Light of Guidance!

بي شوق فاق المدى
My yearning transcends all bounds

عيني ترجو أن تراك
My eyes hope for the sight of you

روحي يا حبيبي فداك
My soul, O my beloved, I would sacrifice for you

 عانق طيفه قلبي
His apparition embraced my heart

ذابت في يديه يدي
My hand melted in his

نادته عيوني
My eyes called out to him

وبهاه لامس القلب
And his splendour touched my heart

حوضه كوثر وروا
His pool is quenching and abundant

شربةٌ لي دوايا
One sip like medicine to me

اروني يا حبيبي
Quench my thirst my beloved!

يا طبيب البرايا
O Healer of Creation!

أنت لي بلسم وشفا
You are my balm and cure


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